Pet Vet offers the following services to your canine or feline companion, and we take pride in doing so with the utmost quality, compassion and value. At Pet Vet we pride ourselves in providing the best and most comprehensive care for all of our patients.  The environment to which you will become accustomed to at Pet Vet is friendly, genuine and professional.  We are experienced, compassionate animal lovers and it shows through our work!

Canine/Feline Wellness – Whether you need a veterinarian for your pet’s general wellness or a sick patient exam, we are here for you! We offer completely customized care, including individualized vaccine protocols, specialized geriatric care, diet consultations and more.

Dentistry – A proper dental care routine, including professional dental cleanings (scaling, polishing and extractions) can add 3-5 years to your pet’s life. Poor dental health affects more than your pet’s mouth. Bacteria from the mouth can enter the bloodstream and damage your pet’s liver, kidneys, lungs and heart.

Dermatology – Many dogs and cats suffer from itchy skin and ears. We will work with you to treat the symptoms of skin disease and keep your pet comfortable while investigating the main cause of the problem. From environmental and food allergies to parasites (fleas, ticks and mites), skin infections and immune disorders, the staff at Pet Vet will work to diagnose and manage your pet’s specific condition.  We now offer Allergy Testing!

Diagnostic Laboratory – Our “in-house” lab allows us to have results quickly so treatment can start right away. We also utilize a reference lab for more extensive testing, or when results are not time sensitive.  Diagnostics include blood work, urinalysis exams, ear/skin cytologies, internal parasite testing and more.

Geriatric Medicine – Pets age much quicker than people and they rarely complain about stiff joints and other ailments. Many signs of disease can be subtle and seen as ‘just slowing down’. We want to identify diseases early so we can slow down their progression and enhance the quality of your friend’s later years. There are good ways to manage arthritis pain, weight issues and metabolic diseases in our older pets. Ask about them today.

Diagnostic Radiology – A useful diagnostic tool to identify bone fractures, intestinal foreign bodies, pneumonia and many other abnormalities.

Pharmacy – Our fully stocked pharmacy includes commonly used medicines for treating illnesses, as well as preventative care for heartworms, intestinal parasites, fleas and ticks. We also carry therapeutic shampoos, prescription diets, and health supplements.

Comfort Surgery – Pet Vet makes every effort to keep your pet safe and comfortable during anesthetic procedures. We use the most modern equipment, the safest anesthetic protocols, and the best pain management therapies to care for your pet. Our veterinary technicians monitor patients while under anesthesia and during recovery. We offer a variety of surgeries, including spays, neuters and dental cleanings, while caring for your family pet as we would our own.

Therapeutic Bathing – Sometimes the best thing for a pet’s skin and general comfort is a relaxing bath. We offer medicated shampoos for animals with specific skin conditions as well as general bathing services.

Puppy/Kitten Packages
– Our goal at Pet Vet is to provide your new puppy or kitten with the best possible health care to get them started off in the right direction. We have packaged together all of our recommended preventative care to provide your new family member with quality and valuable health care. For your convenience, payment for puppy/kitten packages can be split between each visit.

While this list includes many services Pet Vet provides to our clients, it is not all we have to offer. Please contact us to learn more.

Give your nose relief from your pet!

Canine/Feline Wellness
A courtesy exam is included with every vaccine!

Excellent dental care=longer life!

We now offer allergy testing!

State-of-the-art laboratory services!

Geriatric Medicine
Senior pets need check-ups for early detection of age-related diseases.

In-house diagnostic x-rays!

Extensive veterinary pharmacy!

Pain management is included with every surgery!